The Launch Pad is a personal and professional development hub established for the main purpose developing human capital by contributing to skills and talent development with the aim of encouraging a skilled, efficient and productive workforce, one that can contribute to economic growth, creation of jobs and decent work.

Tanzania has the Education and Skills for Productive Jobs Program with a timeframe of 2016-2027, which has described key sectors for skills development that would also complement the Five Year Development Plan II, as well as the 5th Government vision and mission of Industrialization,

The National Skills Development Strategy (NSDS) has introduced a new approach to skills development in Tanzania, which is based on 5 principles of; demand responsiveness, dynamism, results in orientation, focus, inclusiveness and cross-sector coverage. `

This is what drove The Launch Pad (LP) to organize this conference with these objectives in mind;

  1. Convene all respective stakeholders in the areas of skills development and job creation
  2. Convene youth as a human centred design approach to collectively come up with a decree of skills
  3. To address the grey areas in the skills mismatch conundrum
  4. To further identify opportunities and challenges in bridging the skills gap
    For the youth participants, there was an application process they had to go through, where we needed to evaluate their backgrounds and ambitions and interests for wanting to attend the conference.

We received more than 500 applications, which further demonstrated the need to address the issue of skills development amongst youth.

To read more about this, download EESDC Event Full Report and EESDC Keynote/ Presentation


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