The Launch Pad Ed Tech Sprint Week


What is it?

The Launch Pad in partnership with Injini is accepting 12 Tanzanian Start-Ups to a bootcamp and Ideation programme, where they will have the opportunity to polish their EdTech ideas, and learn from a panel of experts and stakeholders from the education and technology sectors.

At the end of the programme the 12 Start-Ups will have the chance to Pitch their Innovations to a panel of judges, from which one winner will be fast-tracked to the Injini EdTech Incubator, a 5-month part-time Incubator programme where start-ups from across Africa are selected every six months, provided with investment, an ed-tech dedicated support programme, and help to scale their innovations across the continent.

Do You Qualify?

Are you a local innovator using Technology to solve Africa's education challenges? Then you qualify! The EdTech Sprint week is open to all entrepreneurs, teachers and developers who are committed to developing innovations that aim to solve an education problem using technology. We welcome applications from idea stage, all the way to startups that have an MVP (Minimum Viable Product) and even some revenue provided the startup is less than 3 years old.

We are looking at both non-profits & for profit businesses, focused on Africa and on as wide a section of the population as possible (especially low income), that address learning from early years to adults using technology. We want innovative but effective approaches that can scale quickly. We say ed-tech and not just ed-, because evidence shows it can improve the quality of or extend access to education.

How will my Ed-Tech be evaluated?

  • Innovation and disruptiveness; Startups with a project/product/service proposal that will disrupt the sector by introducing new concepts not yet identified, or new ways of an educactional method that is already being used.
  • Potential Impact and Scalability
    We are looking for ideas with a potentially sound business model that are impacting on a large section of the population and have the potential for scalability in other environments and regions of Africa, making it feasible for the innovation to increase and grow its social, technological and economic impact.
  • Suitable and committed team
    We are looking for startups that have a good mix of team members. An entrepreneurial team with members having an educational and/or technical background, with high motivation, interest and commitment to the development of the education sector on the continent, will be most suited and fit the characteristics.
  • Partnership Readiness
    We are looking for startups that may also be interested in accessing collaborations with partners in the sector
  • Sustainability in the value proposition
    We are looking for startups that integrate sustainability into the business model of the project, but take into account socio-economic challenges on the ground. For non-profit organisations, this means being able to sustain the impact of your solution, and for for-profit innovations, showing how your solution can be profitable while still creating meaningful impact.
  • Technological or digital component
    We are looking for startups in which a technological or digital component is clearly embedded in the business model, hence Ed-TECH.

What can we win?

If you are selected for the Launch Pad Sprint Week, you stand the chance to win an all expenses paid trip (flights, accommodation, and a small stipend while there) to the Injini EdTech Incubator based in Cape Town, South Africa, where you will take part in a 5-month Incubator, with the initial and closing programme phases being held in Cape Town, and the product testing period in between that time, being based in your country of residence, or wherever your solution is being launched within Africa.