Our mission is clear

To Provide Comprehensive and High Quality Personal and Professional Guidance through Training, Coaching and Mentoring in order to unlock the potential of individuals and enhance productivity.

About The Launch Pad Tanzania

The Launch Pad is a not for profit, specialist, personal and professional development organisation, established for the main purpose of developing human capital by contributing to skills and talent development with the aim of encouraging a skilled, efficient and productive workforce, one that can contribute to economic growth, creation of jobs and decent work. We specialize in 21st century leadership, employability and entrepreneurial skills development.

We have 3 main pillars that drives  our vision and mission; Skills Development, Lifelong Learning underpinned by Equitable Inclusion where we believe in prioritizing those groups in the society who are marginalized (the youth, women and those with Special Education Needs/ Disability).

Our Vision

To inspire and positively influence individuals (whether self-employed or working as part of an organisation), to ensure that they thrive, maximise their own efficiency and effectiveness and in turn achieve individual or organisational goals.

Our Services

The Launchpad specializes in Three (3) main service areas;

  1. Consultancy We are working with HR/Labour/Employment/Education departments to ascertain skills gaps within departments/individuals and organisations through the use of our Skills Audit/diagnostic tool in order to draw up a training plan to plug the identified skills gaps.


  1. Training: Through blended learning solution combining face to face and E-learning modules to develop 21st Century Skills for Employability and Entrepreneurial skills


  1. Coaching and Mentoring: Short term coaching and long term mentoring through a consortium of Launchpad mentors. We particularly focus our coaching and mentoring towards apprentices and interns to ensure that those who have accessed our training are able to either secure employment or set up a micro/small or medium enterprise.


In the past  few years, we have successfully  worked as a bridge between the private and the public sectors as well as International Organisations in raising awareness of the importance of skills for employment and entrepreneurship and offered training to hundreds of young people at our training center to support them with career guidance, skills development, apprenticeships and internships as well as coaching and mentoring.

Executive Summary


Carol Ndosi

Find your purpose and let it drive you. let it be the reason for you to keep going no matter what

Quite simply, the main objective of The Launchpad is to unlock the potential of individuals by building on their skills and emotional intelligence and enabling them as a result, to meet the objectives that they have set in their personal or professional lives.

At Launchpad we work on a very simple philosophy; Everyone has the potential to be a Leader in their respective field if provided with essential self-reflection and self-development tools. Regardless of whether one is an aspirant entrepreneur, an Executive for an established Organisation or somewhere in between, we believe that by unlocking the hidden potential in them, greater productivity will be realised.

To meet today’s biggest business and life challenges, coaching is an essential leadership tool. Coaching is one of the most effective tools for leaders (at all levels) to deliver transformational results. We are all ‘leaders’ even when we don’t necessarily hold a title that explicitly defines the leadership role we have been elected or appointed to; and this is for the simple fact that we all have a ‘life to lead’.

At The Launchpad, we work under the premise that Leadership is about being personally successful and enabling success in others. We believe that Leadership is required on a multitude of levels; Personal level, team and organisational levels and in Society as a whole.



  • Applied Knowledge
  • Complex problem solving
  • Critical thinking
  • Creativity
  • Customer focus/Service orientation
  • Decision making
  • Emotional intelligence
  • Negotiation
  • People management
  • Personal skills

Our work is extensive and involves collaboration and partnerships with the Government, Private Sectors, NGOs and International Development agencies/organisations.

  1. We were part of the team that drafted and externally validated the new National Curriculum Framework which will incorporate the 21st Century Skills for employability and Entrepreneurship in all Education phases; we worked with Tanzania Institute of Education (TIE) on this and we are currently supporting them with Implementation at a national level. (Oct 2018-present)
  2. We have consulted with Prime Minister’s office-Labour, Youth, Employment and Disability (PMO-LYED) on supporting with Skills Development for the workforce; this is on-going. (Jan 2018- present)
  3. We have supported Plan International (NGO) and delivered Coaching and training of the youth in the Mwanza region on Skills for Entrepreneurship (October 2018)
  4. We have provided Employability Skills Training to identified women working in various Industries in conjuction with WILDAF- local NGO (April 2019)
  5. We are currently leading a 2 year National Pilot Inclusion Program, working with 10 schools in Korogwe, Mpwapwa and Kilosa training and supporting school leaders with innovative approaches to Education provision for learners with Special Needs and Disability.(June 2019-June 2021)
  6. We have delivered bespoke training to over 600 youth on employability and entrepreneurial skills (based on the decree of Skills required for future of work) through weekly programs and Skills Camps- Age range of 16 to 30 from O levels,, A levels, University and those in employment. (2018-2019)
  1. We have delivered a successful Entrepreneurship training for 120 youth in Zanzibar and Pemba as part of the Feed the Future campaign sponsored by USAID where we managed to establish 8 microenterprises, 3 SMES, successfully enrolled 20 youth into apprenticeships and internships and 45 into employment. (Feb to Nov 2019)
  2. We are the only NGO registered centre for Digital Literacy training and certification as a strategic partner of the International Certificate of Digital Literacy (ICDL) Foundation which is recognized in 174 countries globally.
  3. We will be working with the Ministry of Education from Jan 2020 to develop the National Qualification Framework (NQF) and the National Curriculum Framework for Vocational and Technical Education with a specific focus on 21st Century Skills for Employability and Entrepreneurship to support the  National Industrialisation agenda.
  4. We are working in partnership with DW on a Women at Web project aimed at supporting victims of online abuse and providing training on how  to stay safe space and cope with online bullying. This is a 2 year project starting from May 2020.
  5. We are working with a host of stakeholders on a situational analysis report (SAR) on Digitalization and Entrepreneurship in Tanzania focusing on the challenges and opportunities that the youth face in the field of entrepreneurship with digitalization as a tool to drive progress. This report is aimed at sharing good practice and providing a roadmap to mitigating the challenges from the covid-19 pandemic.


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We have a wealth of data on Skills for Employability and Entrepreneurship  that we have collected through our Primary and Secondary sources to enable informed planning. The Director of Training programmes, Henry Kulaya, has a wealth of experience in leading on Skills development and Education reforms through his 20 year experience as Education leader in the UK for the secondary phase of Education as well as Teacher Training and continual professional development for Education providers.

The Exective Director, Carol Ndosi, is a Global Socio-Economic Development expert and an accomplished Entrepreneur and a mentor/trainer whose passion for developing youth through mentoring and coaching has earned her several accolades over the years; she is particularly revered for her efforts to empower girls and women by challenging the status quo in key areas such as Education, Economics, Leadership and Digital Literacy to name but a few. Her commitment to youth empowerment through collaboration and network coupled with her profound social media activism is a  key recruitment vehicle through which we intend to promote and encourage participation.

We have developed a bank of training resources and content that is customised to fit the context of the trainees;

our approach to training is underpinned by strong pedagogy which allows for dynamic and interactive methodology in order to stimulate engagement and accelerate the progress of all learners.

All our lesson plans are differentiated by tasks and outcomes and we do apply scaffolding and reasonable adjustments to ensure all trainees can access the curriculum content; this includes a trilingual approach where we use English, Swahili and whenever possible some local dialects.

The Launchpad has a total of 25 full time qualified trainers; We are currently continuing with our internal professional development programme where we are up-skilling new recruits to ensure they are at an international standard as set by the organisation. We expect to have a total of 50 trainers strategically stationed across the key regions of Tanzania by the end of this year.


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