Our mission is clear

To Provide Comprehensive and High Quality Personal and Professional Guidance through Training, Coaching and Mentoring in order to unlock the potential of individuals and enhance productivity.

About The Launch Pad Tanzania

We are a specialist leadership and personal development company, providing consultancy and research as well as mentoring, coaching and training services. We work for and with individuals and organizations who want to improve the way they lead and manage their personal and professional objectives, as well as Professionals in HR departments who support others to lead, achieve and succeed.

Our Vision

To inspire and positively influence individuals (whether self-employed or working as part of an organisation), to ensure that they thrive, maximise their own efficiency and effectiveness and in turn achieve individual or organisational goals.

Our Approach

The Launchpad approach to personal and professional development is very much on a need basis. We have a core program with set modules that individuals and organisations can sign up for but we also offer customised bespoke modules that are tiered to specific individual/ organisation requirements.

We vary the delivery mode of our modules in order to best meet the intended outcomes. Some are on the one-to-one basis and for some, it is mandatory that they are delivered as a group session. We use the digital platform extensively and as such some of our modules are delivered remotely through webinars and some are delivered as 'smart modules' via a Learning Gateway hosted by our partner companies.

All modules' content and delivery mode are discussed and agreed with individuals/ organisations prior to commencement in order to avoid disappointments.



  • Applied Knowledge
  • Complex problem solving
  • Critical thinking
  • Creativity
  • Customer focus/Service orientation
  • Decision making
  • Emotional intelligence
  • Negotiation
  • People management
  • Personal skills

Executive Summary


Carol Ndosi

Find your purpose and let it drive you. let it be the reason for you to keep going no matter what

Quite simply, the main objective of The Launchpad is to unlock the potential of individuals by building on their skills and emotional intelligence and enabling them as a result, to meet the objectives that they have set in their personal or professional lives.

At Launchpad we work on a very simple philosophy; Everyone has the potential to be a Leader in their respective field if provided with essential self-reflection and self-development tools. Regardless of whether one is an aspirant entrepreneur, an Executive for an established Organisation or somewhere in between, we believe that by unlocking the hidden potential in them, greater productivity will be realised.

To meet today’s biggest business and life challenges, coaching is an essential leadership tool. Coaching is one of the most effective tools for leaders (at all levels) to deliver transformational results. We are all ‘leaders’ even when we don’t necessarily hold a title that explicitly defines the leadership role we have been elected or appointed to; and this is for the simple fact that we all have a ‘life to lead’.

At The Launchpad, we work under the premise that Leadership is about being personally successful and enabling success in others. We believe that Leadership is required on a multitude of levels; Personal level, team and organisational levels and in Society as a whole.


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