The Launchpad is leading on a 2 year pilot focusing on innovative approaches to supporting learners with special Education needs and Disability. The inclusion project which is part of the Act2 initiative is focusing on 10 identified Primary and Secondary schools in three districts; Mpwapwa, Korogwe and Kilosa. The schools involved are as listed below:

  1. Boma Primary School
  2. Chazungwa primary school – Mpwapwa
  3. Kichangani Primary School – Kilosa
  4. Kimamba Primary School – Kilosa
  5. Kwasemangube Primary school – Korogwe
  6. Mazinyungu Primary School
  7. Dumila secondary school – Kilosa
  8. Korogwe Girls Secondary School
  9. Mpwapwa secondary school
  10. Mwl Nyerere Memorial School Korogwe.

We spent the best part of July delivering resources and Special Needs Education tools for supporting teaching and learning. The staff in the 10 schools were offered bespoke training on the use of the tools as well as Digital skills training to enable them to share good practice amongst themselves.
We are looking forward to returning back to the schools at the end of August to deliver more training to the school teams focusing on pedagogy and a deeper understanding of the 4 main areas of Special Education Needs and Disability SEN/D.

Inclusion Project Boma Primary School

Inclusion Project – Chazungwa primary school Mpwapwa

Inclusion Project Dumila secondary school Kilosa

Inclusion Project Kichangani Primary School, Kilosa

Inclusion Project Kimamba Primary School, Kilosa

Inclusion Project Korogwe Girls Secondary School

Inclusion Project Kwasemangube Primary school Korogwe

Inclusion Project Mazinyungu Primary School

Inclusion Project Mpwapwa Secondary School

Inclusion Project Mwl. Nyerere Memorial School Korogwe