Co-Founder, Executive Director, Head of Programs and Training.

Henry Kulaya

Henry is an education and skills development expert with over 20 years experience in the field. He has overseen major education reforms and initiatives in learning and education in the U.K and is committed and determined to share his knowledge and experience for Tanzania's development.

Co-Founder and Managing Director

Carol Ndossi

Carol is a development advocate and an expert in project management. She has over the years worked and initiated programs and projects in Youth and Women economic empowerment.

Our Trainers


Kennedy Sabas

He is experienced in mentorship programs for youth in the areas of Digital skills, Technology, IoT and Automation


Leonard Mzaliwa



Damas Ndalechi

Damas is an HR Consultant and Trainer with over 8 years experience in providing Human capital advisory services and capacity building sessions. He has served both corporates and international NGOs.


Lilian Nkinda

Lilian believes in the role of 21st century skills as necessity for survival in the current competitive world and the Future of Work!


Victor Jerome

A certified life coach, mentor and youth counsellor who is dedicated In mindset development, self identity, skills development, talent development towards helping people live a balanced life and accomplish life goals.


Edson Salvatory

Community Economic Development Officer focused in Community facilitation in Entrepreneurship and ICT skills, passionate to Youth and Skills Development.


Maria Tarimo

Maria is an Environmental Specialist, currently practising as Project Officer and Data Entry Clerk. Her interest falls into working with ambitious young people and Coaching.


Erick M. Obeid

He is passionate about making change to the Youth and has experience in Training Leadership, Communication, Financial Management and Entrepreneurship skills.


Cecilia Anthony

She is an expert in facilitating, mentoring, coaching, training for ICT and entrepreneurship skills. Cecilia is very passionate about youth empowerment and skills development.


Luno Mwinuka

He is an Academician and an IT expert, eager to drive the skills set for Professional and Personal growth to the needy groups. Has experience in teaching dynamic groups of students.


Jacqueline Kalumuna

She is an Economics and Finance Professional with years of experience in Project Management and Event Planning. As an Academician and  a Leader, she aspires to make change in the society through Education.


Peter Mkwawa

A young professional development advocate with profound knowledge and experience in Digital Skills training. He is highly passionate about creating lasting change through lifelong learning

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